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Kinesiology / Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation is an evidence based form of treatment where customized exercise programs are created and lead by a Registered Kinesiologist and focuses on an individual’s specific needs. Active Rehabilitation is beneficial for post-surgery, joint injuries, motor vehicle accidents (ICBC claims), postpartum, and soft tissue sprain and strains. Throughout life, our bodies are constantly changing – surgeries, injuries, giving birth – and as one ages, pain and/or poor posture may begin to be experienced. Active Rehabilitation can help an individual reconnect with their changing body as well as their mind to help reduce/eliminate pain recognize the movement patterns that are causing harm and rewire our movements to eliminate bad habits.

Don’t have Kinesiology covered by extended? Contact us to learn more about our Physiotherapy supervised Active Rehab Program

Postpartum / Pelvic Floor Corrective Exercise

Postpartum and pelvic floor corrective exercise is led by a Kinesiologist who specializes in Postpartum and Pelvic Floor exercises and helps individuals reconnect to their core and rebuild their foundation. This helps to reduce the risk of future injuries and heal the physical injuries caused during pregnancy and labour by focusing on breathing, pressure control, posture, alignment and strength. Intolerances and injuries such as pain, incontinence, pressure, abdominal coning/doming, prolapse, diastasis recti, hernia, are all addressed and can be reduced and/or eliminated with the proper exercises program.

Stay tuned for more information and programming for Postpartum Corrective Exercise Program

Don’t have Kinesiology covered by extended? Contact us to learn more about our Physiotherapy supervised Active Rehab Program

Cancer Exercise Program

When diagnosed with Cancer, one can often be affected physically, mentally and emotionally. Through exercise, our Registered Kinesiologist and Cancer Exercise Specialists can provide individuals with the tools and education to safely take back control of their lives and counteract the effects of cancer and treatments.

Exercise can be done before, during and after Cancer Treatment – radiation, surgery, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. All programs are created to tailor each individual’s specific needs and cancer diagnosis and are led in a safe and guided environment.

Research has shown that exercise can help decrease the growth of tumours; in both size and quantity, increase the immune system, decrease lymphedema, and decrease fatigue as well as many other side effects experienced. Exercise also improves physical ability, maintains or increases muscle strength and can aid individuals in coping mentally and emotionally.

Don’t have Kinesiology covered by extended? Contact us to learn more about our Physiotherapy supervised Active Rehab Program

ICBC – Active Rehab

ICBC Active Rehabilitation is a customized exercise program created around each individual’s specific injuries caused by a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). After a car accident pain can often begin to control one’s life and many forms of rehabilitation are used. Once the acute injuries have healed, pain can still linger due to imbalances and compensation of muscle engagement. Active Rehabilitation is an essential part of one’s physical rehab to help reduce or eliminate pain sustained.

As of April 1st, 2019 Active Rehab was recognized as an essential part of physical recovery for those who have been in an accident. Anyone who has been in a MVA is pre-approved by ICBC for an assessment and 12 one-on-one sessions, if completed within 3 months of accident date. If it has been longer than 3 months since MVA, that is okay! We will connect with your adjuster to get sessions approved.

When booking, please provide us with your claim number for approval.

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