What we do

At Kinnect Active Rehab we strive to reduce or eliminate pain for those suffering from injuries, postpartum, chronic pain, or Motor Vehicle accidents through movement & exercise. Our goal is to help you heal by bringing dedicated mental awareness to your individual movement patterns and support while retraining movement for proper function. With a starting place for everyone, let us help you improve your everyday life and the years ahead.

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Healing takes time, but getting there doesn’t have to be a struggle. Our team is flexible – with services currently offered in-person in North Vancouver, or virtually online.

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What our clients are saying

“Amy diagnosed my condition and got me on the road to recovery within the first 30 minutes of watching me move. This may not seem unusual, except that I had already spent almost 2 years trying to find the cause of a “mysterious” bilateral lower leg muscle cramping and twitching issue that kept me away from the exercise I loved (anything involving legs), kept me awake at nights and kept me on a very expensive quest with other therapists (including three physiotherapists, a massage therapist, and a naturopath) as well as the traditional medical system. It is such a relief to have found the “root cause” of my pain and discomfort and I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not decided to try Amy on the advice of my husband David, as a last resort because I had tried everything else. I firmly believe that even if you haven’t had any injuries or pain, you will benefit from having a consultation with Amy to get your body working as efficiently and effectively as it was designed to do.”


“My friend and I started with Amy at the end of November 2016 and have been going to her ever since. I started there with a condition called “Runner’s Knee” and along with Amy’s program and physiotherapy, they were able to bring my knee to complete recovery. My back pains have also gone and I should be ready for the ski slopes again in the fall with much stronger glutes.”


I had worked out off and on with a personal trainer for over 18 years and form was highly stressed when doing all exercises, especially weight training. I also took weekly reformer Pilates classes for several years where it was all about form but Amy took this to a whole new level and was always helping me adjust my body position or checking to make sure the right muscles were being activated. Working with Amy allowed me to shorten the crucial 4-week schedule to recover my continence and be able to void properly from my new Neo-bladder to only 4 days!! I owe a lot to Amy and she continues to be an important part of my ongoing recovery process as she is providing me with ongoing fitness advice on what to do and, most importantly for me, how much to doI still have work to do but I couldn’t imagine doing it without Amy’s weekly sessions.


“I came to Amy after 5 years of unsuccessful therapies to help with chronic back, hip and shoulder pain. She quickly got my body moving properly and has given me back my active lifestyle, which I was afraid was gone forever! Thanks to her I’m skiing, dancing, swimming, biking, lifting weights, and chasing my preschooler around. Thanks so much Amy!”

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